Most Disruptive Tech Trends of 2017

As an amateur futurist I’m always watching the trends of innovation, here are some technology trends I’m keeping a close eye on as we approach 2017.

2017’s Buzzworthy Trends for B2B and Professional Service Firm Websites

SiteVisitsSM is a catalog of 200 large professional service firm websites. Launched just over a year ago and updated quarterly, the catalog has now become a source of trend lines that mark where sites have been and where they are headed. Here are seven of this year’s trends.

Top Ten B2B Website Design Trends of 2017

Constantly improving technology allows designers to get more creative with B2B site design every year. Given larger mobile screen sizes, faster internet speeds, and better HTML5 and CSS3 browser support, what trends will emerge 2017? Read on.

9 Graphic Design Trends You Need To Be Aware of in 2017

Here are 2017’s graphic design trends you need to follow. We are covering packaging trends, typography trends, layouts and even cinemagrahs.